Buying a designer dress requires a lot of time, effort or money unless you are a regular at it. Most of us, however only stick to buying designer dress for special occasions. And what more of a special occasion can it be if not your own wedding? Most people plan ahead for their wedding dresses and save up money to buy that extra special designer dress for their big day! There are, however, certain things that you did not know about designer dresses and should be kept in mind when buying designer dresses for wedding.

Your budget

Most of the designer dresses are quite pricey and especially if it has a designer label on it. So before you venture out on the hunt for the perfect dress, make sure you keep your budget in a couple of thousand dollars!

It takes time

Most made to order unique designer dresses take quite some time to make. You need to order your designer dress at least 6-8 months in advance, keeping in mind the dress trial and delivery and possible alterations as well. Thus it is not a good idea to go shopping on the last minute.

Choose comfort

A lot of designer dresses for wedding have something new or “hip” for the latest season or trend. You might have options of short, long, ball gown, flow-style, backless and so on. What might be the latest “in” thing in fashion currently might not suit your body type and may not work for you. You need to remember you will be spending at least 5-6 hours in that particular dress! Always choose and comfortable style, design and fabric and if need be, try as many dresses as you can to get at that unique designer dress.

The venue

How to choose the best dress depends upon where the wedding will be and what will be the ambiance. If you are going for a formal affair then a long flowing ball gown should be the best bet but if you are going for a casual, laid back beach type wedding, then probably a more casual and less formal dress can also work.

The weather

What will the weather be like? When you have decided to tie the knot, this also has a great impact on how and what you should wear on your big day. If it is in the hot summer months, then you do not have to wear anything that is heavy and you definitely do not want any adornments like crystals or baubles and beads on your fabric either – it would simply make it heavier and uncomfortable for you.

Buy online

When choosing designer dresses you can always have the option of designer dresses online shopping. In fact, around 18% of all brides end up buying their designer dresses for wedding online. However, if you do decided to go with this option – just make sure there is a return policy if the dress doesn’t look as dreamy as it did in the picture!

With so many options to buy and choose, getting a designer dress doesn’t seem so difficult anymore. However if you are buying a designer dress for a wedding guests it makes a little tricky since you do not know their preference but the option of online shopping makes it easier – simply send them a picture and you can have their feedback. The internet really does make life easier!


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